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Warrior State of Mind

Warrior State of Mind

Winning the War Within


·    Have you ever thought or even uttered the phrase, “If it ain’t one thing it’s another?”

·    Feel like every time you take one step forward, you’re knocked 2 steps back?

·    Does something always seem to happen that stops you from living your dreams?

·    Do you feel stuck?

·    Have people counted you out? More importantly, have you counted yourself out?

·    Have you been raped, molested, physically or verbally abused?

·    Are you battling a debilitating disease? Are you caring for someone who is sick or elderly?

By now you’re probably nodding your head emphatically and/or screaming



Warrior State of Mind…Winning the War Within invites you into the author's mind, heart and soul as she battles her own private war within.  Sanjo's previous 5 books have all shared small pieces of herself with the world and encouraged many to empty their lives of all that didn’t serve them in living their best life. This book will help others identify, confront and conquer the silent war that rages inside of most of us. You may not enter the battlefield of the mind with a Warrior State of Mind but you will definitely develop one as you slay your own thoughts and inner obstacles. 


Warrior State of Mind is more than empowering. Sanjo will touch your soul.

C.W. Jones


Honest. Transparent. Uplifting. This book has inspired me to live life to it's fullest!

Destiny Hines

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