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Come on this poetic journey with me and sail the seas of a hidden history that we all must treasure!! What you are about to read will give you the spark you need to begin your own journey of cultural knowledge if you haven't began already. For those of you who are Moor knowledgeable, each poem will truly resonate within your soul. I am certain you will relate to this poetic journey and we can continue to educate and support our people as we build a more cultured union amongst ourselves. I challenge each person that reads this book to spend time learning about Moorish culture and being open to its traditions, not only is it a part of history but it is hidden for a reason. I don't expect you to agree with everything you are about to read but it is my hope that you choose to seek understanding and do the necessary research before rejecting my truth which I based on our truth. 


We as a people today are programmed not to know, so we don't know what to search for when we feel we want to know, therefore we get lost in whatever is presented to us; it is time we take the time to find ourselves.

Color Me Moor Royal

Color Me MOOR Royal

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