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Imagine seeing your unfiltered thoughts on the pages of a book but in a straight, no chaser DC Street Platform...there really is no rating for this; it's so hot we had to make up our own: Rated "Rx" RAW, BOLD, FEARLESS & UNINHIBITED; Imagine no more! We have gone where NO book has gone before...


It has been said that "Love is Blind" but I beg to differ, based on personal experience, I can honestly say that the euphoric feeling of falling in love or infatuation can blind you to all the red flags waving above a person's head and before you know it, you are knee deep in a drama-filled relationship that feels like walking through quicksand to get out! Sometimes you have to take a step back to see things clearly and other times you have to walk away completely to regain 20/20 vision.  Allow this book to serve as your eye exam.  Let me forewarn you that this book is NOT for the faint at heart. Those with sensitive ears (or in this case, eyes) or those too religious for any earthly good, STOP RIGHT HERE, DO NOT PASS INTRO!  


Now, I’m not going to lie to you like dudes do to some females when they want it real bad saying, “I’m only gonna put the head in.”  I will truthfully paraphrase a quote from doctors when they say to their patients before giving them a needle to heal them, “This may sting a bit; but it’s only for a minute and you’ll feel much better afterward.”  This is a no holds barred, raw, straight no chaser type of book so strap up…we’re going in; ALL THE WAY IN! 

I Now Pronounce You Single & Happy

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